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Tips on Tiling a Bathroom and Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles

Many bathrooms are tiled incorrectly, which leads to unwanted leaks and client disappointment to say the least. The remedial action cost is high because it usually means that the entire installation is suspect and may need to be completely un-installed and reinstalled. That means that the installation costs can be roughly three times the original estimate.

Tips on Tiling a Bathroom and the Kind of Tile can be Used

Prepare what you’ll need

First of all, you’ll need to gear up with the right tools and equipment. Besides the tools, you also need the right glues, grouts, sealers, and waterproofers and levelling systems for the job.

Prepare the bathroom for Tiling

Ensure surfaces are primed with a suitable primer.
Wet areas such as bathrooms and shower recesses must also be waterproofed with a suitable water-based waterproofing membrane.
Dry lay all tiles used to ensure measurements are correct and cut any tiles required to fit space.

Waterproofing the bathroom

Waterproofing Should also be done before you tile a bathroom. Proper waterproofing in Bathrooms is absolutely necessary – water leaking into the floor and wall spaces can very easily rot structural timbers and do some heartbreaking damage to a house. The worst bit about this kind of damage is that you won’t normally realize it is happening. Until the worst of the damage has already been done.

Lay your tile from the ceiling down

Many shower niches also have cut tiles, it doesn’t have to be that way. Furthermore Layout your tile pattern from the beginning so the mitred pieces start exactly on grout joints. Setting out the tile pattern from the finished ceiling heights makes it easier to get it looking the best.

The kind of tiles can be used in a bathroom

There are literally hundreds of bathroom tiles to choose from and as such, there are many considerations you’ll need to think about. Do you want ceramic bathroom tiles, mosaic tiles, natural tiles made from marble, granite or slate? Do you want neutral coloured bathroom tiles or a bright pop of colour? While thinking about the bathroom tiles that will be used on the floor, walls or as a splashback as this will determine if they need to have a non-slip finish.

Also While choosing a floor tile, slip resistance should be considered. Larger porcelain or ceramic tiles work well on the floor of a bathroom and can provide a nice contrast with mosaic tiling in the shower area.

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