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Tiling and Waterproofing

White bathroom design photo of our bathroom tiling job in Barmah with white floor tiles

When it comes to tiling and waterproofing a bathroom during the major renovation, there are a few tricks. If you’re a confident DIY-er, you might have a good go on your own. But if you are not confident, you may want your builder, waterproofer and tiler specialist to get the job done. Most especially if it is a complex or large bathroom area.

Norvic Tiling has the experience and talent to deliver it, no matter what your end result is. For all waterproofing and tiling job undertaken, Norvic Tiling seeks to exceed customer expectations.

Importance of Waterproofing

Proper waterproofing is totally essential in moist areas; water flowing into the floor and wall spaces can rot structural timbers very easily. And may cause some heartbreaking damage to a house. The thing is with your bathroom waterproofing, the first time you need to get it correctly. No ifs nor buts or maybe it is necessary to do it right.

When your children generate a bath-time tsunami and water slopes over the edge of the bath, doing a half-armed task will end up in tears, making a great entrance through your downlights below.

Even if the leak is slow, it can actually get worse, as the harm is done out of sight over time. And you are going to end up with humid, sodden and collapsing walls below.

How is Waterproofing Performed?

In Australia, waterproofing includes painting a liquid rubber membrane on areas likely with water leaks to produce a sort of “sealed “area. Obviously, the aim is to contain any water that may leak out, so that no damage is caused.

You can use a silicon “neutral cure” to seal edges and corners so that it will not damage the membrane that is waterproofed. Similarly, a “polyfab” bandage is also used to produce what is called a “bond breaker ” over these joins.

The bond breaker is versatile and helps to decouple the joint waterproofing membrane. So that the membrane is not ruined by tiny movements in the construction over time. A bond breaker, like tap outlets and drains, is also needed around penetrations through the waterproofing membrane.

Under the edges of the polyfab bandage, the waterproofing membrane is usually applied to guarantee that it is fully soaked and that it adheres correctly to the wall or ground. Using a roller, the membrane is then painted through walls and floors. Typically two coats are used, the second one rolls straight to the first.

How Do You Set Up Tiles?

Once the waterproofing membrane has been installed – and left undisturbed for a few days to heal correctly – it is time to put the tiles wherever they are needed. If you’re going to have an integrated shower base, you’ll also need to bring in the mortar bed/screed for the shower before the tiles go on.

It’s not a terribly hard method to install tiles – but there are a couple of phases:

  • Tiles are chosen. Different tile styles are probable to be used for ground and walls depending on how much slip resistance they provide.
  • There’s a pattern they’re going to follow. This implies deciding where to lay the first tiles and how to align the tiles with the joints of the floor and wall.
  • To fit where they belong, tiles are trimmed as needed.
  • Then a thin-set mortar (or tile adhesive) is applied to the surface. The tiles are closely fitted – using spacers to leave gaps for grouting between them.
  • Tiles are left to ‘ set ‘ for about a day – this is especially crucial for floor tiles that need to carry much more weight.
  • Spacers are removed between the tiles and grouting is implemented to fill the gaps between the tiles correctly.
  • Clean the remaining grout and debris and set the grout.

Norvic Tiling and Waterproofing also offers quality waterproofing application for your tile areas.
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