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Tips for Choosing Tiles

Tips to Choose the Right Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom renovation done by our tiling expert in Cohuna with blue porcelain tiles

So you are ready to renovate your bathroom and want to create a big impression with tile– regardless of whether it’s on the floor, in the shower, or behind the sink. Here in this article, we have discussed tips to choose the right tile for your bathroom renovation.  


Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and it all depends on the budget. The initial step to choosing the tile for your washroom is determining your finances. When your financial limit has been set, you’ll have a wide range of choices to look over, such as porcelain, ceramic, and more.  

Tile Options 

Ceramic is the most economical alternative, with porcelain being expensive than ceramic. The main benefit of porcelain tile is its meticulous body composition. If you get blue ceramic tile, it will have a white surface, while on the other hand blue porcelain tile will have a blue surface. Also, porcelain is more durable and water-resistant than ceramic tile.  

Tile Color 

Choosing the right colour for your tile can be troublesome. So the best way is to choose your vanity colour first. Once you have chosen that colour, it will be easier for you to select the matching colour for tile.   

Tile Size 

The tile industry is continually advancing. While smaller tiles were the standard previously, 12x24s is the new trend: the more significant the tile, the higher space appears. Depending on your bathroom size, you can go for either of two options.  

Tile Design 

After your budget, tile types, colour, and size have been set up. You can then consult with tiling professionals to finalize the design as per your vision. A perfect design enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom for years and brings awe look on the faces of your guests.  


Designing or renovation of a kitchen or any other room is not an easy task. Selecting the best design and colour combination of floor and wall tiles can be critical if you want to achieve your dream of a perfect tiling job.  

These tiles are going to make your kitchen more pleasing. Moreover, tiles are attractive, can withstand harsh conditions for many years and easy to clean. Before selecting tiles for new kitchen or renovation, always keep in mind the essential points recommended by our professionals: 

Decide the location for tile Installation 

First and foremost, you have first to determine the location where tiles are going to be placed. Various options are available, for example, behind the stove, kitchen worktops, and well below the kitchen cabinets. Additionally, tiles can be used to cover the kitchen floor. 

Choose Tile Designs 

Thoroughly understand the type of tile and their recommended locations of application. Tile is a piece of hard-wearing material that is available in various shapes and materials. For kitchen designing and renovation stone, cork, bamboo, porcelain, glass, and quarry tiles are commonly suggested and available in the market.  

Cork, bamboo, and wood tiles are extensively used to cover the floor of the kitchen. Similarly, porcelain, ceramic and quarry are used for kitchen walls and counters. Glass tile is usually reserved for kitchen backsplashes. 

Determine Your Budget 

Kitchen tiles are available in various materials and with different price tags. For instance, vinyl and linoleum tiles are cheap as compared to ceramic tiles. Make all of the estimations and analysis before making any major step. Our customer service team will assist you in selecting the appropriate hardware and other materials according to your budget. 

Look into Family Lifestyle 

The lifestyle of your house is going to play an essential role in the life span of kitchen tiles. There is no doubt that kitchen tiles are durable, but they still need some maintenance to expand their lifetime.  

For example, ceramic tile is robust, easy to clean and widely recommended for kitchen countertop. However, sometimes there can be irregularities in tile composition leading to easy breakage. Hence, evaluate your family’s lifestyle appropriately before selecting a tile. 

Choose the Best Tile  

The selection of tile should also depend upon the habits of your family members. Always select floor tile for covering floor because friction will be too weak in case you choose wall tile for the floor. Consequently, this will lead to slipping accidents.  

We recommend floor tile with raised texture for enhancing the safety of the kitchen floor. Quarry tile is best if you want a more delicate and graceful style. Last but not least; the kitchen floor tile should be able to withstand food chemicals, spilled food and heavy traffic. 

The sky is the limit of your tile backsplash 

Possibilities are infinite while selecting kitchen tile for a backsplash. Vivid and decorated tiles are brilliant choices for backsplash. However, these tiles should be easily washable and durable enough to withstand grease and hot oil splashes.  

We recommend that you select from stone, metal, glass, ceramic or porcelain material for backsplash. Believe us; this choice will increase the beauty of your kitchen without sacrificing its delicacy.  You can choose from a variety of tile designs for your kitchen counters, walls, and floor. 

Tips for selecting the best floor tiles 

With regards to tile flooring, there is no deficiency of materials, designs, colour combinations, and textures. Be that as it may, not every tile is best for every room.  

Here are a few tips for selecting the ideal tile for each room.

Luxury design bathroom renovated in Cohuna with marble tiles
Tile Durability 

When perusing various sorts of floor tiles, one of the most significant traits to focus on its Hardness. It gauges the tile material’s capacity to withstand scratches and foot traffic. Hardness is determined by Moh’s scale. Various classes of tiles from Class I to V are available.  

Class I is for not foot traffic making it appropriate for the wall-only application. On the other hand, Class V is suitable for heavy traffic, making it perfect for all rooms of the house and commercial buildings like offices and shopping malls.  

Tile Porosity  

Another critical element that shouldn’t be overlooked while selecting a tile is its porosity. It is a measure of void spaces in tile material, which determines the amount of water absorbed by it. In case you are going to install tiles in water susceptible areas, always consider this factor. Impervious Tiles are highly recommended for bathroom and kitchen tiling.  

Protection against slipping 

Most tile materials commonly have slippage issues, especially when water is brought to the game. Installation of slip resistance tile is essential to ensure the safety of kids and older adults. The restroom is a prime spot where slipping mishaps often occur. Hence slip resistance tiles are highly recommended.  

While selecting tile material for bathroom and kitchen, always prefer the product with a high Coefficient of Friction. Moreover, it is recommended to install tiles that are smaller in size.  

Ceramic Wood Tiles  

Ceramic wood tiles are a perfect choice for a living room without the headache of maintenance. It is highly resistant to scratches and moisture.  

Light Floor Tiles  

You can make a small room appear more significant with the use of larger light colour floor tiles. Cream, sand, beige and white colours in the material of porcelain and marble are the best choices.

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