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Tile Trends in Bathrooms in 2020

Are you preparing for the future refurbishment of your home? Must you alter your old-fashioned tiles? If so, you don’t want to miss our tile trends for 2020.

Renovating is one of the most incredible ways to enhance your bathroom look and aesthetics or other living spaces. Remodelling your bathroom, however, can sometimes be quite confusing, whether you hire a specialist or do it yourself.

With so many tile forms, designs, and colours available on the market, making a final choice on tile flooring or walls can be overwhelming. Bathroom tiles are nothing fresh in the universe of interior design. Because tiles are extremely functional and flexible in nature, after all these years they stay the best choice for bathroom refurbishment.

Tiles are low maintenance as well as extremely durable and water-resistant. Because of their aesthetic value and design possibilities, they are primarily used these days.

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Trends in bathroom tiles to make your living space lively in 2020

Matte Finishes will Stay a Long Time

The bath area’s popularity of matte finish tiles is growing at a fast rate. They feature a very smooth yet strong look that can improve your bathroom’s general aesthetics.

The matte finish looks pretty sleek and elegant, giving the flooring or walls a sleek and low-sheen look. These matte tiles are simple to keep.

Dimensional Wall And Floor Tiles

Not only tile patterns and colours are becoming increasingly varied. Their forms are also evolving, and one of 2020’s recent trends in bathroom tile is dimensional tiles. Varieties of geometric shaped tiles are now accessible on the market for bathroom walls and floors. The hexagonal shape – a retro style that comes back around – is the most common option among dimensional tile designs.

Marble Stones’ Natural Wonders

Natural elements in any part of your home, including the bathroom, always look amazing. Marble and stone tile trends are back in fashion in the bathroom tile globe this year. Mixing them with the wooden finish floor tiles is the best way to integrate natural stone or marble tiles into your bathroom tile design.

Graphic Designs with Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles, whether used for the ground or walls, can also be an excellent complement to your bathroom. Ceramic flooring and ceramic wall tiles stay one of the most common bathroom tile patterns 2020, versatile in design and function.

You can offer your bathroom a custom look and individualized personality with patterned styles that represent your own home’s convenience and beauty.

Blue Inky Wall Tiles

The bathroom’s blue walls can produce a cool, blissful impact. Although this colour was one of the most popular in the interior design of the bathroom, it had vanished late. The indigo is back with the bang, though. Various shades and blue shades can offer a stylish edge to your bathroom that leaves a lovely effect.

Timber-Look Tiles

Timber-looking tiles have erupted in popularity for those who prefer a more organic look and will continue to dominate in 2020. I believe that their popularity can be attributed to important innovations in printing and manufacturing techniques that have enabled them not only to look extremely genuine but also to come in large plank sizes like 200 x 1190 and 264 x 1798.

Couple this with the fact that they are waterproof, resistant to termite and mould, and they don’t warp or dent, and you can see why even in bathroom projects Australians embrace them.

For a shower or function wall installation, the on-trend way to lay them would need to be herringbone on the ground and brick bond.

Concrete-Look Tiles

This year’s popularity will continue to develop in the architecturally driven look of raw and natural products. Due to the evolution of ceramic digital printers, there is a new wave of sophisticated industrial-looking concrete with much more design detail and compelling variants.

The worn and weathered appearance of the fresh concrete tiles involves sensitive details of old marks and scratches that inject depth and personality into this common style. Greige is the fresh colour buzz word in the design sector and you’re going to begin seeing through this filtering.

The fresh warmth added to this industrial spectrum contributes to a difficult fabric a certain softness, making it a beautiful option for a contemporary, modern or industrial chic bathroom.

Thinking about renovation your bathroom? We service all these areas and more: Echuca, Kerang, Bendigo, Shepparton, Moama, Barham, and Cohuna.

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