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All You Need To Know About Silver Travertine

About Silver Travertine

Silver travertine has a honeycomb texture which gives luxurious vibes to the home. It is a limestone that is formed around spring deposits. It is used for various applications but is used mostly as the flooring material. Silver Travertine is sold in tile form and comes in a variety of earth tone colours which includes browns, rust, beige hues, etc. It is a natural stone and needs to be well-maintained. However, it is not suitable for application at all locations. If it gets installed properly and taken care of properly, it can look unique and make the place look beautiful.

Travertine is perfect to use at locations such as pool areas, patios, pathways, and areas which require high durability flooring. The travertine pavers come in various sizes, shapes, textures and finishes. It can be used in different ways due to its various features.

Outdoor pool tiling job done in Echuca with travertine tiles

Here are the features of silver travertine

  • Known to be durable and long-lasting
  • They are slip-resistant which makes it a perfect pick for areas affected by water and humid conditions.
  • Cool and a great choice if the area a person lives in has high-temperature levels.
  • It has a timelessly elegant look but still looks unique.

Silver Travertine can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications and is highly recommended to be used for pool areas. It can be used for patio and alfresco areas. Also, it is best suited for garden paths and walkways due to its high durability. It can be used as stepping stones due to its strong nature. It can also be used for driveways.

Here are the top advantages of using silver travertine.

Luxury pool tiling job done in Echuca with travertine pool surround


Being one of the oldest building materials used to date. Silver travertine used for flooring purposes adds prestige to the place. It is shifting surface effects and the amazing earth tone colour makes it look subtle but still attention-grabbing. Each piece of the silver travertine looks like artwork and the flooring made from it looks one of a kind.

Soft and reflective

The silver travertine has the unique power of the natural stone and a reserved dignity which comes from a soft palette of colour which is in its spectrum. It is available in tans and beiges, off-white hues and other colours which bring dominant earth to feel at the time of installation. There are no dramatic colours involved.

Durable and long-lasting

It is a hard tile which is made to take a beating and it doesn’t get damaged easily. These tiles are doesn’t get easily scratched or cracked and chances of it getting chipped are really slim. It takes a long time before it shows any weathering effects but till then it remains a great piece of ancient architecture. When it gets polished or honed, there are chances of it getting vulnerable to scratches. The natural finish is more resistant to scratches and blemishes. With proper maintenance and care, the travertine can last for decades. Even the weathering effects look amazing and attractive. To ensure that such a situation doesn’t arise, it is better to apply the stone-sealing agent on certain intervals.

Easy to fix

The flooring usually gets damaged and needs to be repaired which is not easy when certain tiles are used. The silver travertine tiles can be removed and replaced easily. It is better to keep a stock of slabs in order to get the colour-matched.

If a person wants to purchase top-quality silver travertine, he should check out Atlas Tile Stone. They are top tile importers in Melbourne and sell all kinds of natural tiles in different shapes and sizes.

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