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Shepparton Tiling

Bathroom Timber look tiles laid in Echuca

Home renovation has become one of the most essential and valuable renovation jobs that anyone desires sooner or later. If you want the required and top-quality home renovation outcomes, you would like to employ a bunch of experts. A novice group will never be capable of achieving the desired results as you require for your home.

The Shepparton Tiling's crew of professionals is a specialist firm in achieving the required outcomes proactively. We only employ professional and skilled workers who can meet your home renovation needs past your expectations. Your bathroom or kitchen is the most visited place in your house, or it might be your pool where you go to feel relax after a long day.

Shepparton Tiling & Waterproofing

Thus it should be a relaxing and soothing place. If you do not feel that these areas of your house are soothing and comfortable anymore, this is time for you to renovate your house. The group of dedicated workers at Shepparton Tiling has extensive practical experience of home renovation. They have done many projects in both the private and public entities.

We are the leading renovation business that runs centrally in Shepparton, AU. We commit to providing excellent and price-effective renovation services for more than three decades. With our devotion and effort, we are the most valued and trusted renovation service provider in Shepparton, AU.

We have secure, efficient, and lasting approaches for every kind of renovation requirement. We highly value your pleasure. That is why we are working very hard to produce outcomes that will make your life better beyond your fulfilment.

We promise that our installers will achieve outcomes that will keep you going and fulfilled for many years to come. Our team of professionals is our pride that always deliver high-quality and best results with ease and efficiency.

We offer a vast range of renovation services, including wall and floor tiles, floor levelling &screeding, waterproofing, stone tiles, pool tiling, shower repairs, or more. We only pick and employ skilled workers to do your work. Give your bathroom the makeover of your dreams.

Bathroom tiling job we completed in Shepparton
Beautiful Slate wall tiling by Norvic Tiling

Our Skilled Contractors

Also, our contractors possess the skills, training, qualification, and competent to provide any potential renovation of the house. Our tillers are experts in both the residential and business industries for a substantial degree of competence and a strong commitment to work. Our team specialise in wall & floor tiling, bathroom tiling, bathroom tile regrouting.

Home upgrades are a must to keep it up-to-date. Also, a professionally renovated home improves the overall appearance of the residence and its commercial value. Based on the state of your home, the renovation project can be small or large.

If you need a minor or significant renovation, the Shepparton Tiling staff will complete the renovation project on any level proactively. Your home, expertly done by our staffs, will have you and your guests astounded for several years.


We very well know that you are spending your hard-earned money in the renovation scheme that is why we do not let your investment go waste.
Waterproofing is essential to your bathroom, pool, shower & kitchen. If neither of these places is appropriately waterproof, you will face severe problems eventually. If the waterproofing surface is not present, it can lead to severe slippage and falling accidents.

Likewise, if you have not built a waterproofing layer, you will see water under the concrete. This will lead to mould production. It would also do significant damage to the physical stability of the flooring system. Therefore, we always advise that your bathroom is fully waterproof.

Waterproofing specialists at Shepparton Tiling are very competent to mount any form of waterproofing system efficiently and effectively. You pick a place, and then we are going to make it waterproof for you.

Floor Levelling & Screeding

Shepparton Tiling is the ideal option if you are searching for luxury floor levelling and screeding facilities in Shepparton, AU. We are famous for our top-class facilities and accessibility. Floor levelling is necessary if you want long-lasting tiling or flooring outcomes.

Technical workers at Shepparton Tiling are professional with an abundance of expertise and experience. They know precisely how to balance the ground correctly. Irrespective of the ground, the Shepparton Tiling team of skilled contractors will take great care of all your floor levelling requirements.

Shower Repairs

A shower is more sensitive to disruption when using it every day. An impaired shower can severely disrupt your morning routine. If you choose to use a broken shower, this may lead to significant problems.

Therefore, it is a must to fix the shower quickly. After some time, a few shower tiles in your bathroom can get loose too. It's still safe to have them patched as soon as possible. Our tiling professionals at Shepparton Tiling are experts in the field of repairs or renovation. Thus no one can handle it more appropriately than us.

Wall & Floor Tiling

Home renovation is never done without wall and floor tiles. Your home's wall and floor tiles decide its basic appearance. It should be very pleasing to the eye and appealing. At Shepparton Tiling, we have the top floor and wall tiling facilities for your renovation project. There is a wide variety of tiles commercially available.

It is therefore often difficult for customers to choose the correct tiling type, style, and colour combinations. Our qualified tillers have a lot of experience in this area. They know how to pick the right tiles for you as per your needs and expenditure. So, you can rely on us for your home tiling needs.

Stone Tiling

We also deliver stone tiling work at Shepparton Tiling. We promise that your stone tiling process will be quick and painless. Our group has been offering high-quality stone tiling services to residents of Shepparton, AU, for many years. We are very famous for our service and expertise.

Shepparton Tiling vows that you can always get the best renovation facilities under us. We would be more than willing to direct you through our work processes. Call us today to get all our renovations services.