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Moama Tiling

Beautiful bathroom renovation in Echuca

Experienced staff shall always be chosen for a refurbishment project. A team with little to no experience would waste your energy, your resources, and your effort. This is why Moama Tiling can always be trusted if you are dreaming of any kind of home upgrade. We are the deluxe home construction contractors and experts who meet your requirements.

Our convenient and adequate renovation facilities will help you achieve the ideal vision of the home. Due to our high degree of expertise, productivity, and working standards, we have the advantage over other home renovation companies.

Moama Tiling & Waterproofing

Renovation of the home is a sort of best investment. In many ways, it increases the genuine value of your home. If you want your home built to be sleek, updated, and attractive, let us manage your home renovation project. We ensure to construct your dream home quickly and smoothly.
Customers are thoroughly professional in carrying out any home improvements. The contractor specializes in all forms, whether tiling or insulation, of bathroom or pool renovation. We also provide levelling and screeding services to make sure the floor is perfect.

We pick and hire the best contractors for the renovation of your home. Therefore, we still focus on the new, safest, robust, and efficient home renovation. Our staff has the capability to grasp your requirements thoroughly and to renovate your home. You'd know that you made the best choice of your life when you choose us for the job. We make the cheapest and most effective home refurbishments. Our workers have the experience, knowledge, and tools required to operate quickly and safely.

Floor Levelling

Irrespective of which flooring system you intend to build, it needs proper floor levelling. It is also very essential to understand that once you have built your floor on the unleveled surface, then you will soon have to bear critical problems. The unleveled surface of the floor reduces the life of the flooring network significantly. Tiles may also start splitting and detaching.

No one should question the importance of floor levelling when it comes to the renovation of the home. Your bathroom would be horrible without the right levelling. You should expect a very well and professionally levelled floor only through the expertise of a professional service provider. We believe that your trust is worth more than our benefit. Therefore, we at Moama Tiling recruit only the most competent and skilled employees to do your home renovation work.

Shower Repairs

The damage to the tiles is one of the most frequent problems in the shower room or pool area. There are different causes of tile damage. This problem will occur if you do not handle the tile job properly. Another common cause is the absence of a waterproofing device. This shows the need for waterproofing, and serious problems may arise in the future if they are ignored.

Latest tiling job we finished in Moama

Irrespective of the source, shower tiles are fixed as soon as possible so as the pool tiles. Through years of professional experience, we can restore broken tiles without damaging or breaking the tiles around them. If your shower is broken or your pool area needs renovation, you must fix it as quickly as possible. If you continue to use your broken shower or pool area, it can lead to significant problems.

Eventually, your shower room or your pool area would be unattractive and wasteful. The most critical investment in the house is the construction of bathrooms. On the one side, it provides comfort and elegance. On the other hand, it increases the financial value of your house to several folds.

Stone Tiling

Stone tiling is the most popular option for both interior and exterior house decorations. Natural stone tiles are widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, recording studios, living areas, and for external paved areas on both walls and floors, since they are durable, functional, hard-wearing, and hygienic, which matches any modern lifestyle and offers a wide range of properties.

The organic and natural appearance of the stone tiling is trendy. Take a look at the beauty of ancient walls, castles and bridges. The world-famous for its unique design is Stone Tiling. Stone tiling is the perfect opportunity to give your home an exclusive and exclusive feel.

Stone is a natural rock, and many natural stones are available on the market. Travertine, granite, quartz, onyx, sandstone, marble, and slate are the most commonly used natural stones. These goods may have been used on several walls, racks, and countertops.

Our expert team can take care of you effectively and efficiently, whether it's tilling your bathroom wall or floor. At Moama Tiling, we offer various natural stone tiling options that keep your bathroom new and trendy. Get a natural look for your bathroom and boost the aesthetic value of your property today.

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Floor & Wall Tiling

We at Moama Tiling have a wall and floor tiling service that meets your requirements. We know how to undertake your specifications smoothly and effectively, be it wall tiling, floor tiling, or pool tiling. Installing all kinds of tiles is pretty easy for our team of tillers. They have performed with all the available tiles on the market.

Various projects have been undertaken involving ceramics, porcelain, stone, and several other materials. We are very sure that only by selecting our expert contractors will you be able to achieve your perfect home with your next renovation project. For future years, we guarantee outstanding service and optimum performance.


We are going to take the security and safety of your home to the next level when you select us for the waterproofing job. Your flooring needs to be waterproofed in your wet-areas of your home. Although you can't always foresee whether anything serious would turn into a toilet tank leak or a sink spill, waterproofing will minimize the possible harm to bathroom floors. Waterproofing eliminates seepage and drainage of any sort, preventing mould creation. Waterproofing eliminates slip and drops tile collisions.

We ensure that every part of the wet-areas of your house is fully waterproof when you choose Moama Tiling or your waterproofing project. Our employees will help you pick the right waterproofing membrane for your floor at Moama Tiling. Also, they are capable of installing any waterproofing membrane. So, consider us and call us right now to do your job.