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Marble Or Granite? Know The Best Option For You

Choosing one out of two natural stones can be one of the hardest choices to make, especially when both the options are equally beneficial. For example, marble is known to be one of the most flattering and elegant stones in all the world. But granite is also a prestige material that can be used to build objects that provide impressions of elegance and quality. Moreover, should you be looking for marble suppliers or granite suppliers in Melbourne, why not cut to the chase and find a supplier that is able to give you both?

Interior tiling job we completed in Norvic with marble natural stone tiles


Where To Go

Pietra Gallery is known to be one of the leading importers and suppliers of natural stones. It can help you find whichever stone you need, be it marble or granite. However, you can’t really make a choice if you don’t know which one is actually better for you. Sure, the aesthetic appeal is important, but that isn’t all that falls into consideration while furnishing your home. The colour scheme, pros and cons and the recommended applications of both the stones are the important pointers to consider before setting your heart on a single option.

Marble or Granite

For example, granite is harder and more durable as compared to marble. It’s one of the few natural stones that fall in direct comparison to marble. Moreover, granite holds a high level of resistance towards heat. It can also bear the exertion that it might witness in the form of a kitchen countertop. Marble can get dull and stained over time, which are both problems that cannot be reversed. Even the appearance of granite is much more different as compared to marble.

While the most popular form of marble is available in the form of pure white. Granite holds a much darker colour spectrum and tends to be overrun with a variety of hues. Marble’s pattern tends to be more consistent and has veins running through it that are congruous in colour. For example, if a white marble slab has grey veins running through it, that will be the consistent pattern observed throughout the entirety of that particular block.

Granite, due to its high resistance to fire and heat, is much more recommended for kitchen countertops compared to marble. Marble can only be used as a kitchen countertop if it has been treated with an adequate amount of sealants. In case of an accidental spill, it must be cleaned up immediately. When sealants are used atop both the materials, granite is less likely to be damaged in case of accidents. Thus, if we compare the maintenance levels of the two, the marble would easily rise above the granite.

Stone Suppliers

Stone suppliers in Melbourne can help you understand which of the two is best for you dependent on the application and the aesthetic that you are going for. For example, granite is more recommended if you’re looking for the placement of a kitchen countertop. Granite is much better for high traffic areas and can endure its excess utilization.  Due to this, it is highly recommended for kitchen countertops and hallways. However, marble might not be able to do the same. Which is why the stone is recommended in stone tiling to be used in areas that have less foot activity, such as your bathroom. This will help it embrace its shine over a long period of time. When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of both the stones, granite will be able to give a more bold, colourful look, while marble would be quintessential of a minimalist outlook.

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