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Kerang Tiling

House renovation work is one of the first renovation projects you prefer to perform once in a while. It is, however, very complex activity and involves detailed preparation and planning. Thus, you need the help of a pro team that can satisfy all your renovation demands. If you are no longer happy with or want to upgrade your home, please contact Kerang Tiling.

The specific areas of your home play an essential role in deciding the ultimate layout and economic value of your house. Your house should also be aesthetically desirable and enticing. Count on our team of experienced workers, and we will turn your words into action. Irrespective of the renovation scheme, we are entirely prepared to produce results that will meet your desires and expectations.

White and blue bathroom interior with a round white tub, two narrow windows, a tree in a pot and a ladder in a corner
Our completed bathroom tiling job in Kerang with porcelain wall tiles and a large frameless bathroom mirror

Kerang Tiling & Waterproofing

Be it a minor upgrade or a full home upgrade. We will fulfil your expectations and desires quickly and budget-effectively. Get in touch with us today. We will take care of your tiling and waterproofing needs with ease and efficiency.

Kerang Tiling is the best option if you are aiming for excellent and cost-effective renovation facilities in Kerang, Australia. We are privileged to deliver superb renovation services to the residents of Kerang and surrounding areas for more than three decades. By our devotion and expertise, we have earned praise, respect, and support of our society. Dozens of positive feedback speak about our offerings and the performance of our work.

Expert Tiling Team

We only recruit the most qualified contractors to do your work. That is why we are positive about the results we deliver. Also, Kerang Tiling is authorized and insured. We have delivered several renovation projects in both the private and business industries. We are renowned for our expertise, commitment, and performance. Kerang Tiling offers excellent results at a reasonable price.

A competently renovated home plays a crucial role in classifying the general attraction of your home. Also, the financial value of your house will be improved if you want to sell your home. A sleek and up-to-date bathroom offers a feeling of ease and comfort. We sell a range of renovation services, including wall tiles, floor tiles, porcelain floor tiles, stone tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, pool tiles, and much more.

Our bathroom renovation job done in Kerang with wood look porcelain tiles

We only recruit professional workers to give a perfect look to your home safely and efficiently. At Kerang Tiling, our workers understand how to produce consistent results while staying within your expenditure. We support our clients with excellent customer service, unique designs, and premium custom models. Also, we are the most trustworthy and preferred renovation company in the region.

Each of us deserves to have a perfect house. This is because the home has a lot to tell about its entire aesthetics. Your home represents your sense of fashion. The home should also be kept up-to-date and trendy. Nonetheless, the renovation is a tough job and needs a lot of effort. This may involve tiling, scraping, and design. So, call Kerang Tiling for your next renovation project. We deliver a broad array of excellent bathroom renovation designs that will undoubtedly upgrade your current home.


Waterproofing is vital to the wellbeing of the residents. This also serves a significant role in the upkeep of your home. Therefore, during the building or reconstruction of the home, one should not forget waterproofing. Appropriately sealed joints and walls avoid any water penetration from below surfaces. Also, waterproofing will significantly lower the risk of tripping and falling. Severely waterproofed finishes can damage your bathroom or kitchen countertops, walls, floors, and cabinets. Our experts at Kerang Tiling are competent to mount any sort of waterproofing layer.

Bathroom tiling job done in Kerang with glossy white porcelain wall tiles

Floor Leveling

The floor is the first thing people notice as they reach your home. Therefore, the floor of your home should be in good shape. You must ensure there are no gaps and wrinkles on the floor. By choosing the right firm for your renovation project, you will accomplish the perfect floor. The floor levelling of any of your home space is essential. It plays a significant role in the home's appearance and upkeep. Thus, you can always focus on our company's renovation experts to ensure the perfect levelling of your house floor.

Shower Repair

We are a good option for any kind of shower repair or pool tiling issue. Whether it's leakage, clogging, or showerhead issues, we are a specialist in providing safe, effective, and fast repairs. For several years, we have been delivering our exceptional repair services. Bathroom or pool tiles will become loose over time, and they may start to fall off.

At Kerang Tiling, our tillers are professionals in repairing the ruined tiles with new tiles without scratching the adjacent tiles. Similarly, shower problems are typical, and they should be remedied as fast as possible to prevent potential problems. Our skilled workers will take their time, but they will guarantee an excellent repair job.

Wall & Floor Tiling

The floor and walls of your home must be beautiful and desirable. They perform a significant role in the layout and feel of your home. You can change your house's floor and walls by upgrading it. A beautifully built and renovated house adds to the artistic elegance and economic value of the building. However, choosing the correct floor and wall tiles is not a quick job. There are multiple options, and a person may get discouraged. For example, one of the most versatile design options is subway tiles. At the same time, it is classic and timeless, but new. Our skilled tiling professionals will aid you to choose the best floor and wall tiling choice based on your needs and plan.

Most of our indoor areas receive tile grout, and with clean places, the right planning and proper application of your chosen tile grout, your living spaces have added style and elegance.

Our qualified installers will help you choose the best stone tiling choice that will make you happy and comfortable for many coming years. Contact us today and discover our rich and diverse selection of stone tiling choices.

We ensure that you will be pleased with our choices and the selling price. Our employees will consult you and keep you posted throughout the project to ensure your satisfaction.