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How to Find the Best Echuca Tiler

Are you’re planning a kitchen and bathroom renovation? If so, you will soon begin looking for a tiler. However, don’t book in the first referral you receive from your family or friend.  

You need to ensure that the person that you’re hiring is the best Echuca tiler because a skilled tradesperson will make a difference in the performance and look of your bathroom and kitchen space.  

A good tiler can lay cheap tiles well, making them look expensive or unusual while an amateur will leave expensive tiles looking terrible. Thus, the final appearance of your tiles depends on how they were laid, and this is pegged on the skill of the tiler. 

The article will provide you with in-depth information on how you can find a skilled tiler and the questions you should ask him. 

Tiling job done by our expert tiler in Shepparton

Do Your Research 

Tiling is a skilled job; thus, you need an expert who will not splash out your hexagon tiles on the bathroom floor and wall. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to research on companies offering tile installation services and what customers are saying about them. You may realize that some people call themselves tilers, yet they are not qualified, for they just picked up some tools and branded themselves so. 

Social Media Platforms

One of the best places to turn to is the social media and other forums. These sites give you information about the best Echuca tiler because most businesses have an active presence on social media platforms. You will find many tilers showcasing their talents on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   

Further, they tend to post a lot of videos and photos of their work, and many of their followers and clients review their work. From the comments, you can shortlist a few experts that you can contact.   

Ask For Referrals

Referral sales and word of mouth is one of the best ways to get a skilled tiler. You can speak to a friend or a family member whose home is excellent and ask for the tiler who did the flooring on their home. These individuals will give you additional information such as how much they were charged, how long the project lasted, and the tiler’s personality. 

Prioritize Experience over Accreditations  

Tiling is a building skill that is applied during kitchen and bathroom installation, garden landscaping work, renovations, and redecorating jobs. Many other tradespeople can offer tiling services; however, some dedicated tilers have dedicated their resources to perfecting their skills. Thus, they understand various materials and techniques available in the market. 

You can choose the best Echuca tiler by considering a tradesman that has done a similar job before. They should provide previous examples of such work under their portfolio.  

Get Quotes 

Get quotes from three potential tilers to find out how much the entire installation will cost you. However, don’t select a tiler based on the price because a cheaper tiler could mean poor quality. On the other hand, an expensive one doesn’t always translate to an excellent outcome. Workmanship comprises of professionalism, cleanliness, minimal inconvenience, and excellent presentation. 

The price will vary from one tiler to the other due to the area you want to install tiles on, such as walls and floors, the type of tiles you’re using, and the design. Some tiling materials are hard to cut, shape, and lay; thus, these elements affect the price per hour or square meters. 

Large-format tiles are complicated to lay while mosaics tiles without a mesh backing are time-consuming to lay. It’s also challenging to install tiles in a sharp-angled or curved area than a flat surface. Thin and glass tiles are prone to cracking or chipping when shaping or cutting them to fit well around the window trims and power outlets.  

Questions to ask the tiler 

Their Website

You can ask the tiler whether they have a website where you can visit to review their gallery, their customers, and the services they are offering. Having a website is an excellent way to show off their work and professionalism. One of the best Echuca tilers is Norvic Tiling and Waterproofing; their website provides a lot of information about their services and educational materials about tiling and waterproofing.  

References of the Previous Customers

The best Echuca tiler has a list of happy customers who would be very glad to recommend him to others. A tiler who is not ready to share their previous customer’s names is probably not what he claims to be. 

Supply of Fixing Materials
Photo of floor tiling job with gray wood finish porcelain tiles

Most tilers have their preferred brands and specific retailers they buy supplies from because they consider them reliable. Thus, it’s essential to discuss who will purchase the suppliers to minimize disagreements at the end of the project. For instance, the tiler can blame you for purchasing inferior products, thus the unfortunate outcome. 

When to Start Working

Tradesmen are booked for weeks because they could be handling other projects that they need to complete before starting yours. However, it’s possible to get the best Echuca tiler who can begin immediately if it’s a registered or licensed tile installation company with a team of experts in tiling 

Working Hours

The tiler should give you their schedule to ascertain whether it will fit well with yours. Remember, he will spend a lot of time in your home, interacting with your family and properties. 

Surface Preparation

It’s a vital process unless it’s a new build project. Therefore, there is plenty of work to be done at the start of tiling, such as removing the old tiles and preparing the surface before laying new ones. It’s crucial to find out whether the tiler will prepare the floor, or you need to get a second quote to have the surface ready for installation. 

Waste Disposal

Just like any other building work, tiling has a lot of waste made up of offcuts, old tiles, and bags of adhesive. You need to agree on who and how this rubbish will be disposed of since you don’t expect it to be dumped at the edge of your driveway. The best Echuca tiler has handed several projects; thus, he understands how to dispose of the waste and the cost of such disposal mechanism.   

Final Word  

Finding the best Echuca tiler can be a daunting task because the tradesman you pick will impact the result. Norvic Tiling and Waterproofing has a team of trained and experienced tradesmen such as tiler and the necessary tools of the trade. You can contact them for more information and a quote.   


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