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What you should know about the Best Bathroom Tiler

Floor and wall tilers specialize in installing ceramic, porcelain, natural stones, glass, and metal tiles. They lay them indoors on the floor, wall, backsplashes, or outdoor surfaces such as the patio, walkways, and pool decking. The purpose is to protect or decorate these surfaces. 

The trade has witnessed increased growth in recent years due to development in the real estate industry. Therefore, the article will tell you more about the everyday tasks and tools that a professional or the best bathroom tiler should have.  

Bathroom tiling job photo taken in Moama with a tiler using a angle grinder

Common Responsibilities of Tilers 

The best bathroom tiler should perform the following tasks and responsibilities.  

  • A professional tiler should inspect and interpret plans to help him lay tiles professionally.  
  • A tiler should measure and mark surfaces as he lay out tiles to ensure that they are well spaced and aligned correctly. 
  • A tiler should remove old tiles and grout on the floors and walls.  
  • He should replace a damaged tile, fill gaps, cracks, or holes and clean stained grouts once he is through with the renovation project.   
  • Tiler should have experience in sealing tiled surfaces to make them waterproof.  

Essential Tiling Tools for Professional Tilers  

Laying tiles on your bathroom is an art and goes beyond just cutting and placing tiles on the bathroom surface. Tiling requires expertise, years of experience, creativity, and a keen eye for design, thus aligning tiles of different colour, shape, texture, size, or thickness in an appealing pattern. 

To achieve this, a professional tiler should have the right tools. The following are the correct tools that the best bathroom tiler should have.  

Electric Cutters 

For you to lay tiles that have precise and accurate measurements, you need a professional electric cutter. The tool will enable you to make beautiful cuts on different materials like glazed stoneware, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. The best bathroom tiler should have a precise electric cutter that offers versatility, quality, and durability. It should be lightweight, portable cutter suitable for light works and renovations in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Manual Tile Cutters  

A tiler and DIYer must have a manual tile cutter for it lightens a demanding tile installation job. This powerful tool is easy to use, versatile and lightweight. For instance, the tile cutter has a higher cutting speed and can be used with one hand. Manual tile cutter offers a clean, precise cut that doesn’t interfere with the quality of your material. 

The tool has different cutting measurements like 600m, 900mm, and 1550mm for shaping large format tiles. Thus, you can opt for a manual cutter that is lightweight and functional or one that suits your needs. 

Diamond Blades 

The best bathroom tiler should understand the use and application of blade to help him choose the suitable one for dry and wet cutting. These blades should cut the different thickness of ceramic or porcelain tiles for both wall and floor bathroom tile applications.  

Further, there are other blades for cutting hard tiling materials like rustic, granite, slate, and porcelain tiles. The use of the appropriate blade minimizes damages.  

Drill Bits 

The best bathroom tiler should have diamond drill bits to drill holes into the tiles to install drainer, pipes, and tap connections. The tool helps the tiler breakthrough hard material such as porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles without cracking it.  

Drills bits for wet cutting are the best, for they reduce dust and noise when fixing plumbing lines in your bathroom. 

Tile Trowels  

Most tiles are laid on the floor or wall using cement-based mortar. Therefore, you need to apply mortar first before laying your ceramic or porcelain tiles. Tile trowel helps you achieve an average level, thus allowing you to lay the tiles evenly, thus ending up with a clean and professional result. 

Opt for the right trowel size to give you proper coverage every time you install bathroom tiles. It would help if you also chose a lightweight, sturdy trowel to help you during the mortar mix application. Each bathroom tile installation project has unique requirements and specifications that the best bathroom tiler should understand before beginning the process.  

The Electric Mixer  

A homogenous mixture helps the tiler to have a high-quality finish. Electric mortar mixers are available in a wide range of motors and speeds. The tool makes the mixing of adhesive, cement, resins, paints, and other material easy. 

Tile Spacers 

For many years DIYers and certain tilers used screws, rope, and nails when spacing tiles. However, today things have changed, and the best bathroom tilers are using tile spacers to attain a perfect distance between tiles. The tile spacer helps an installer create patterns; thus, he should select a size that can work best on the various wall and floor tiling jobs. 

Tile Leveling System  
Bathroom tiling job photo taken in Moama with a bathroom tiler using a tile levelling system

The tool helps the tiler to prevent tile lippage and bolster the finished result. The back-buttering technique helps the nippers to adjust the pressure based on the tile thickness, thus creating a uniform surface throughout the installation process.  

Rubber Grout Floats 

Grout is an essential feature in the tiling process, and all the best bathroom tiler understands that without grouting the wall or floor will have an unfinished and uneven look. Thus, grout is used to fill spaces between individual tiles and locking them together. The rubber grout float offers you the best finish, mainly when spreading grout in hard to reach or large areas.  


Although this is one of the essential tiling tools, most installer overlooks it. However, it’s used when mixing or transporting mortar from one place to the other. A rubber bucket is a perfect choice for its easy to clean compared to plastic buckets. It’s also durable and easy to maintain. Therefore, all the best bathroom tiler should include a rubber bucket in the list of must-have tiling tools.  

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