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What you should know when choosing Bathroom Tiling

Choosing bathroom tiling ideas seems to be a daunting task for many homeowners. The reason behind this is because even incorporating a bathroom in the general house design requires a lot of attention. The attention is needed when planning a home makeover project. 

Bathrooms should be given a lot of consideration due to their functionality. You need to build your bathroom with quality materials to help it last longer and prevent seepage of water that can compromise the integrity of your property. 

Water leakage is known to contribute to rotting, corrosion and growth of moulds. Some of the very best ways of preventing these challenges is by giving your bathroom an exquisite finish and look.  

You can achieve this using tiles which are presented in different materials and designs. More so, it’s easy to find a tile that matches your décor needs for your bathroom. 

Wall and floor tiling job we completed in Cobram with white porcelain tiles

Bathroom Tiling Ideas 

You should use tiles on your bathroom floor to minimize damaging it during showering and cleaning. Tiles are not only long-lasting but are rough; thus, they can prevent slips and falls. Further, well-installed tiles can avoid leakages of water. 

Tiles can be used both on the floor and walls because a lot of water splashes on it and can destroy the building materials slowly over time. Wall tiles are different from the floor ones in terms of texture. The floor tiles have a rough texture to protect users from accidental falls. On the other hand, the wall tiles are smooth to allow splashing water to drip seamlessly when you are showering. Further, the wall tiles are flat to enable seamless cleaning.   

Bathroom’s décor is vital for it adds value to your property, and for that reason, you should choose these tiles carefully.  

Norvic Tiling and Waterproofing are experts in bathroom tiling ideas, and they can help you choose the quality tiles, best colour and install them for you, thus giving a professional look. 

Tips for Selecting Bathroom Tiles 

Pick an Efficient Tile and Not a Dream One 

Every homeowner has that dream tile they would like to have in their home. However, most of these tiles are appealing but not efficient, thus choose a design and material that will serve its purpose correctly. On the other hand, most dream tiles have a unique accent and can be used to set the standard in terms of quality, colour and design.  

You can choose tiles for the wall, floor and tub surround of the same colour or design and an accent tile that will become the focal point.  

Create a Timeless Look in the Bathroom  

You can show off your personality by installing beautiful tiles in your bathroom.  The room also allows you to experiment with different patterns and colours. However, you need to make sure that the tiles don’t compete with other features of the room.  Further, the super special tiles can be expensive; however, since the bathroom is a small area, a few of these tiles will be needed. 

For instance. You can install white tiles on the significant parts of the bathroom and a few unique tiles to add that beautiful look.  

Factor Maintenance when Buying Bathroom Tiles 

Many people don’t like to clean the shower and the tub, therefore, choose ceramic or porcelain tiles because they have little to nil maintenance cost. On the other hand, tiles made from natural materials require regular maintenance and sealing because they are porous. For that reason these titles hold grim and dirt more and have to be cleaned thoroughly. Glass tiles are suitable for the wall since they are pretty but slippery thus they can’t be used on the floor.  

Go Big with Bathroom tiling ideas  

Large Bathroom tiles have a huge demand today than in the previous years. Therefore, you can have larger tiles on the walls and a smaller version of those tiles on the floor. For instance, you can have 12X24 tiles on the walls and 2X2 across the entire floor. Therefore, you can use the same design, colour across the bathroom, but you have to change the texture of the tiles on the floor to avoid slips and falls.  On the other hand, you have to ensure that there is enough mortar contact with the tiles to avoid cracking and maintain a minimum grout joint. You can achieve a minimal grout joint by using ones that resemble the colour of the tiles.   

Bathroom Tiles Trend  

Modern bathroom renovation design done in Cobram with wood look floor and wall tiles

Bathrooms are one of the areas that don’t need a regular update every year. For that reason, choose bathroom tiling ideas that won’t look outdated in a few years. On the other hand, don’t go for fads but instead, stick on the trend. The following are some of the recommendations.  

Neutral Colors

Contemporary designs are leaning heavily towards neutral tile colours for they blend well with sleek lines of these tiles. Grey and beige are complementary colours. 

Glossy Matte Finishes

Matte finishes tiles have always been known for their glossy look, but today a professional tiling expert like Norvictiling Tiling and Waterproofing can help you to create striking and soft beauty. Matte finishes have no watermarks and smudges even if they have a glossy finish.   

Recent Subway Tiles

Subway colours were considered boring, and many designers predicted their death some years ago. However, the new crop of subway tiles has more colours, sizes and patterns than what was available before. Further designers are using contrasting grout colour to create a striking effect. 

Graphic Patterns

As stated, subways tiles have undergone tremendous changes, and the same has happened with other tiles in the market. You can get creative with the new graphic patterns and create a piece of art using these tiles. Therefore you can use colours and pattern to change the appearance of your tiles.  Create a unique tile pattern using different bathroom tiling ideas however, stick to three tiles to avoid making this space too gaudy.  

Another new concept is the new shapes available in the market. Today, you can have hexagons, triangle or the traditional shapes like rectangles and square in addition to other geometric shapes.  

Diagonal Patterns

Diagonal patterns are ideal for smaller bathrooms for they create an illusion that the room is more substantial. These patterns help you to install tiles in the bathroom without breaking it down.  

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