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Choosing The Right Tile for a Small Bathroom

You finally have to decorate your small bathroom and you’re really interested in the idea of tiles, but you don’t have any idea when choosing the right tile for a small bathroom. Don’t worry, we’ve got some great little bathroom tile thoughts right here!

When attempting to create a small bathroom feel larger and brighter, it’s really essential to choose the correct tiles for a small bathroom – whether for walls or floors. But when you try to discover the ideal tile, where do you begin?

Tile Size for Floors and Walls

Despite what you may hear, the tile size should not be determined by the size of the bathroom. In fact, a small bathroom can enjoy a large tile. The walls and floor are less cluttered and the room expanded visually with fewer grout lines.
Big tiles can make the room appear bigger as there are fewer grout joints and the big tile provides space illusion.

Small bathroom tiles also work really well, but be conscious that smaller tiles can sometimes create a crowded feel. Avoid this by using light colours and avoid using small tiles with heavy pattern features.

However, this does not imply that you need to rule out tiny tiles. If you fell for some lovely mosaics, you can mix them up a little by using distinct size tiles in different areas of your bathroom.

Tile Colour Works Best in Small Bathroom

In a small bathroom, choosing the right tile colour of your bathroom tiles can really make an impact. Though many tiny toilets still look great with darker colours, most individuals go for light hues such as white, cream and light grey.

Neutral colours help keep the tone of a room calm and tidy which really helps in smaller spaces. Choose a neutral tile colour scheme for the bathroom and it will give you the illusion of more space. It will hit with prospective customers as an added advantage if you ever come to sell your property.

Another trick is to use glossy, metallic or mother-of-pearl finish tiles when choosing the right tiles for a small bathroom. It will improve the room by reflecting light, providing a feeling of greater proportions.

Nevertheless, don’t shy away from dark colours. A darker tile can be used efficiently to add a feeling of depth to space. Either throughout the room or as a pencil line around the room’s width on the walls, making it look longer and broader.

Tile Layout

Tiles laid in a brick bond pattern break up the classic grid-effect, making space feel bigger.

Our final tip is to put your tiles in a diagonal pattern to make your small bathroom look larger. Diagonal patterns make our minds think space is larger than it really is. When laid down this way, we don’t see the ordinary squared tiles. So our eyes are attracted to the diagonal points instead. While our brain has much more difficulty figuring out how many tiles are actually there.

Tiles laid in a diagonal pattern across the ground can be seen as bigger than the actual size of a small bathroom. This layout places simultaneous emphasis on both length and width.

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  1. Slmaks on January 2, 2020 at 11:49 pm

    Using smaller tiles, such as mosaics, will give you lots of grout lines, which can give the bathroom walls a grid-like appearance that can promote the feeling of being boxed in making your bathroom feel smaller still.

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