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Extraordinary bathroom ideas

Tiles on walls and floors in your home play a key role in describing aesthetic appeal as the beauty of your dream bathroom. The beautifully designed bathroom will keep you satisfied, and this will please your guests from time to time they visit. It’s a must to renovate your bathroom to keep up with the trends with new creative designs. A bathroom that is exceptionally and professionally tiled will also add value to your house, leaving it attractive to buyers in the future. In the industry, luckily, there are plenty of options to implement to make your dream bathroom come true. A wide variety of tiling types, designs, and colour combinations are available to transform your old bathroom to something new and conventional. 

Modern bathroom renovation design done in Cobram with wood look floor and wall tiles

3 Major Principles in Bathroom Renovation  

Bathroom design and ideas should be taken into grave account by the homeowner. By this, getting to know the primary principles and fundamentals such as the relevance of colour, lighting, and balance will take us to a more fruitful venue in bathroom renovation and tiling. Below are the bathroom ideas Norvic gathered that would contribute to a beautiful bathroom makeover:  


Perhaps an essence of colour is what gives a life a personal space in the household. As a homeowner, it is essential to consider your colour choices in a bathroom renovation. Colour holds a dramatic impact on the overall look of your bathroom, so as much as possible, be meticulous when it comes to choosing your type of colour. The contrast goes glam if you try to consider it, and this will create a dramatic display that plays up sumptuous style. For a tip, colour combinations beyond black and white can be created with contrast. If you take a warmer style, a wood-look floor much balances grey and white walls with tons of welcoming textures. 


Lights are essential in any bathroom theme. They are the elements of greater visual awareness and understanding in the bathroom. In the bathroom, you may have the most beautiful tiles or paintings, but without proper lighting, there is still nothing to show. Artificial as well as natural lighting, can go both here. For starters, the natural lighting passed through your bathroom is a perfect way to start productive mornings on a right kick.  

Focal point  

Building a space with one or more focal points is a great way to add an attraction and interest to any bathroom creation and design.  An example of this is integrating a dazzling vanity with its rectangular pivot. This focal point creates a show. Also, a mirrored wall hanging with sparkling lamps emphasizes the space’s elegant excitement. 

5 Breathtaking Bathroom Ideas and Designs  

Bathroom renovation challenges are inevitable. Chances are, it will lead to failure if you are not thorough with your creative idea and design. In bathroom ideas Norvic, this will serve you the latest trends of bathroom designs for you to keep up. Below are the breathtaking designs that will exceed your expectations:  

Faux wood tiles  

Faux wood tile is a ceramic or porcelain tile that resonates real wood. This flooring is the newest bathroom ideas Norvic trend nowadays. Not only does it serve a natural beauty of wood to your home (they are low-maintenance and come in diverse, unique designs), they are also as durable as ceramic tiles and more heavy-duty than hardwood. Besides, when having these tiles as an option for tiling and renovation, it helps to prevent termite attack. Indeed, faux wood tile is a perfect mixture of wood and tile, offering not only perfect looks but functional benefits. You can use this versatile flooring tile anywhere, whether it be indoors or outdoors. 

Minimalist signature 

Being simple is a rule of thumb for contemporary design, so it is essential to keep your bathroom open and clutter-free. By utilizing built-in cabinetry and shelving, you can hide unwanted personal items. Also, by tucking away toiletries and other items will bring focus to clean areas and tranquillity. In minimalism, it is a primary principle to avoid adding additional accessories and elements in the bathroom. Moreover, geometric shapes can add interest and character without sacrificing minimalistic design. It is an excellent idea in choosing minimalism as your theme in the bathroom and tiling remodelling. Give our team a heads up, and we will deliver you the bathroom ideas Norvic of your dreams! We are ready to help you anywhere in the world.  

Matte finish 

In tiling and the bathrooms, the popularity of the matte-finished tiles is increasing. They have a very fragile and soft yet intense look that can boost the overall beauty and look of your bathroom. The matt finish looks relatively elegant, with a sleek, minimal look for the floor or the walls. Such matte tiles are easy to hold and maintain and are also incredibly hassle-free. A matt finished bathroom would not only stay up-to-date this time but in the coming decades. This category of bathroom ideas Norvic will never fail you big time!  


This is another bathroom ideas Norvic. A design called mosaics that are on the trend these days, especially black-white marbles with patterned ones, you will see that this design comes in a wide range of shapes including other files like subway, small squares, herringbone and even Moroccan tile shapes. In the bathroom, many prefer to use the same white marble tile, but change the shapes on the floors, walls and shower area. This keeps the space light and bright as you mix shapes and textures for visual intrigue. 

Hexagon Tiles 
Beautiful hexagon porcelain tiles we used on a bathroom in Bendigo

Hexagon tiles are perfect for building in your home for an eye-catching wall and floor tile design without committing to bold patterns or colours. Whether used all over the surface, as a transitional feature or as a chance to enjoy shades of colour, honeycomb tiles access a whole world of ideas beyond the classic metro. In your bathroom, one of the most straightforward ways to style a hexagon tile pattern is to beautify the rest of the room in light and neutral colours. As a tip, you can also play about your bathroom ideas Norvic for a more sophisticated wall or floor pattern with variants of hex tile colours!  We service all these areas and more like Echuca, Kerang, Bendigo, Barham, Cohuna, Moama. Give us a call 0417554219 or email for more information.

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