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Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing

Bathroom renovation job done with wood finish floor tiles
Bathroom renovation job done with wood finish floor tiles

Tiling and Waterproofing and the renovation of bathrooms has become one of our Key services. And a critical reconstruction works that people generally need from time to time. Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing are Licenced. We are also Qualified and have many Years of Experience. While being fully Insured.

High-Quality Workmanship. We set high standards for our work. Our tradesmen also understand this. They consistently deliver their best performance so that it meets those standards. Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing, are specialized in delivering the required results efficiently and effectively.

Experienced Tilers

Here, we only select competent and highly experienced employees. They can fulfil your bathroom maintenance criteria beyond your specifications. The most frequently visited spot of the home is your bathroom. So, it should be both fun and soothing.

It is indeed time to renovate your bathroom. As you no longer seem to think your bathroom as cozy and enjoyable. In the sector of the renovation of the bathrooms. The crew of Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing has decades of experience.

Just call or email us today! Your bathroom renovation work would be carefully attended by our dedicated and experienced professionals.

Bathroom renovation we completed with large frameless mirror and frameless shower panel
Bathroom renovation we completed with large frameless mirror and frameless shower panel

About Us

We are licensed in NSW and Victoria. We also pride ourselves on the standard of our workmanship.

Also, since starting Norvic Tiling, we have above all updated and improved our techniques and training.

With over 30 years in the building, industry, our team has updated and upgraded. To make sure we have up to date knowledge and equipment to ensure we get the best quality job.

Here, we are the most excellent bathroom renovation firm that quickly and efficiently meets all your requirements. We are happy to offer our people the best by investing our energy, experience, and commitment. For over two decades Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing are happy to provide superb and acceptable solutions for renovations of bathrooms. We are the only one built and run regionally.

If you have a question you may find the answer on our FAQ page.

Floor and wall bathroom tiling job we completed with porcelain tiles

Qualified Tilers

We are the most appreciated and suggested bathroom renovation provider in town due to our commitment and exceptional work. Our services have stable, cost-effective, and enduring solutions to all sorts of bathroom renovation requirements. We also take a close look at your requirements and then start the work.

It shows that we strive hard to achieve results that meet your standards. We ensure that our contractors deliver results that will keep you happy and satisfied in the coming years. So, please contact us right now to get affordable rates for the lavish renovation of your bathroom.

Many areas of tiling and waterproofing have changed over the years, along with the products we use. We also still provide the same options when it comes to what we will do from screeding or grinding floors to waterproofing sealing, also tiling.

Bathroom renovations from start to finish are also something we can do. We can manage your entire project from demolition through the tiling stage, also including painting and plumbing fit-out.


    Our Services


    Bathroom renovations, such as tiling, levelling, and floors screeding, are easily accessible and offered by us. We also provide waterproofing, stone tiling, and shower maintenance to our customers.

    All our services are provided with the highest possible outcomes. We do not disappoint our customers. We give them what they expect. For your service, only experienced professionals are selected and employed. Furthermore, our workers are skilled and certified in bathroom renovation and can achieve every possible outcome.

    In both the residential and commercial sectors, our expert tillers are professional, because of their high level of professionalism and productive work. We are here with the best experienced and skilled renovators. Our workers never jeopardize the quality of the job. They are creative and have unique ideas for your bathroom renovation job.

    Check out our blog for useful tips, recommendations & suggestions. With many years of experience, we are happy to share these for you.

    Minimalist white bathroom renovation job done with large white porcelain wall tiles

    Expert Tiling

    Our experts start working right after a discussion with the customer. They attempt to find out first what you want. What is your spending plan, and how to renovate your bathroom? Then they start work while managing the budget.

    It is possible to transform even the most demanding improvements in your bathroom into reality. Regardless of how big or complex the work is. We have a group of experts at Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing. Norvic guarantees that you get the best out of your investment in your bathroom renovation and tiling work. We offer top-class renovation services for your bathroom to ensure your comfort and appreciation.

    Aiming to continuously push the boundaries of tiling design and wow every client we work for. Norvic Tilling offers a cut above within our industry.

    Bathroom renovation job we completed with rustic finish floor tiles

    Norvic Tiling

    Many areas of tiling and waterproofing have changed over the years. Along with the products we use. That being said, we also still provide the same options when it comes to what we will do. From screeding or grinding floors to waterproofing sealing, also tiling.

    Bathroom renovations from start to finish are also something we can do. We can manage your entire project from demolition through the tiling stage, including painting and plumbing fit-out.

    Bathroom waterproofing we just completed with blue waterproofing membrane

    Bathroom Renovations

    Remodelling a bathroom can also be a significant endeavour and also seems like a significant investment. Getting the best advice before spending your valuable time and resources is advised so you can make an informed choice.

    We can advise on all aspects of your bathroom renovation. Also, we can help with the selection of your tiles. While our team will also spend the time to ensure you are happy with the grout colours. Also the direction the tiles are to be laid.

    Renovation of the bathroom is necessary to sustain a magnificent bathroom. A well-renovated bathroom improves the overall look and value of the property. Depending on the situation of the bathroom, the renovation plan may be small or huge.

    The experienced workers of the Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing team can swiftly and precisely complete any sort of restoration project. Regardless of whether you need a minor or significant bathroom renovation.

    Our bathroom waterproofing job with green waterproofing membrane

    Bathroom Renovation Services

    The bathroom renovation services offered by our company will be the finest and most skilled here you will ever get. It is also advisable to get the right advice before spending your precious time and resources so you can make an informed decision. We can suggest to you all factors of renovating your bathroom. Also, we can help with your tile selection. Our team will also invest the time to make sure that you are happy with the colours of the tile. Also, the position the tiles are to be installed in. This team have got you covered for all your requirements.

    Also, free advice is given to assist you in making the right choice regarding your bathroom's wet-area installations. The thing you should also not worry about is that it does not matter how big or small the workspace is. We would manage it in such a way as to give your bathroom a look that would ultimately be up to your needs, with the use of a wide range of design elements to make the most of your existing bathroom space.


    We are going to do our best to meet your requirements if you hire us. You and your family members or whoever visits it will enjoy your bathroom renovated by our experts for several coming years. Here we will be responsible for your renovation work. Or any issue if you invest your hard-earned cash on the renovation project of the bathroom. We will also make sure that your preference is at the top while renovating your bathroom and would not disappoint you in any way.

    Bathroom wall and floor tiling job done with black marble finish wall tiles


    Why you need waterproofing? According to the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). Wet areas must be waterproof or water-resistant. They also must comply with AS 3740. These include bathrooms, laundries, toilets, and showers. Walls, floors and wall-floor junctions must be waterproofed before tiling.

    Do you need to waterproof a specific area? In this era, wet areas should be waterproof or water-resistant. These places involve washrooms, laundries, toilets, and showers. Before tiling, waterproofing must be done for walls, floors, and wall floor intersections. Waterproofing is particularly essential for your bathroom, shower, and kitchen.

    Waterproofing Areas

    If all these areas are not waterproofed, then you will face significant problems very soon. When there is no waterproof cover, severe wrecks and extreme events can occur. Also, if you did not install the waterproofing layer, water will leak underneath the floor. The result would be the growth of moulds. There would be severe damage to the internal structure of the floor system. Thus, waterproofing in your bathroom should always be applied.

    Faulty and inadequate waterproofing work is like a concrete disease. Cracks, mould issues, and structural defects include the dangers you face from insufficient and inadequate waterproofing. This not only causes acute medical problems but also affects your investment.

    Our specialists can look for places quickly that are not waterproofed sufficiently. Leakage occurs mostly around the taps, walls, and via the roof. By adding specially developed chemicals, our professionals can quickly stop these. The waterproofing professionals at the Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing are extensively qualified to introduce the waterproof coating effectively. You name the spot, and we are going to make it waterproof.

    Let us address your waterproofing ideas and expectations. We promise that the results will delight you and satisfy you. Our waterproofing services are licensed. So, call us right now to help or assist you with all your waterproofing needs and desires.

    Tiling floors Echuca on an uneven surface

    Floor Leveling & Screeding

    Renovating a bathroom can be a huge task and also looks like a significant investment. Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing is a suitable choice if you are looking for a lavish levelling and screeding service in town.

    Our accuracy and affordability have been admired by others. Floor levelling is crucial if the long-term results of tiling or flooring are to be considered. The specialist contractors of the Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing are professionals and knowledgeable people in this field. They realize how to even the ground flawlessly.

    The expert team from Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing will take care of your every levelling requirement, regardless of surface type or size. If you do not know what screeding is do not be worried, we will give you a brief introduction to what it is. Three things would be possible with the screeding process: a smoothed surface, a level surface, and a flat substance. The floor screed is a cement compound made of a unique cement-sand mixture.

    Floor levelling and screeding job we completed with concrete cement

    Level substrate

    It is used for developing a firm ground and shape that could serve as a floor surface or subfloor to be covered by tiles. Our professionals would level your surface first before using some sort of tiling material on it.

    We assure you that at Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing you will only receive the newly released or latest renovation ideas at low cost. So, stop resisting and contact us as we are the only ones in town who can handle your job correctly. We are just one call away for your bathroom renovation requirements.

    Shower repair job done on a bathroom with white porcelain tiles

    Shower Repairs

    As you know that a shower is used every day; thus, it is more prone to damage. So, if your shower is damaged, it can severely hinder your everyday routine. Moreover, when you keep using a broken shower, it can lead to complications. Hence, the shower should be repaired quickly to avoid any harm. The professionals at Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing have safe, efficient, and long-lasting solutions for every requirement of yours.

    Whether you want a large or small shower, we can assist you in repairing it. Problems are standard with the shower in your bathroom. However, this does not mean you ignore it. After a while, a few tiles in your bathroom can begin loosened. It should, therefore, be repaired as fast and effectively as possible. There can be many kinds of justifications for the tiles to drift off your bathroom walls.


    It may be due to a lack of quality work or the use of low-quality items in your bathroom. After some time, tiles can come free if the waterproofing has not been adequately handled. Many low-standard waterproofing service providers use products that attach to the tile, making tiles lose their base with ease. Do not select others over our top-quality bathroom renovation services if you do not want to address these issues.

    Our tiling professionals can repair and reassemble the damaged tiles without disrupting the surrounding tiles. So, why not consider us for handling all your bathroom renovation job? Call us right now to let us help you out with your shower repair needs before it turns out to be big trouble for you!

    Happy Customer

    "I had a couple of plans for my bathroom remodelling job, such as waterproofing, wall tiling, shower repairs, and glass tiling. I had to find a trustworthy tiller that was reputable in tiling work. So I needed a crew of tiling that stood out. I did not want a standard bathroom renovation team. This is why I preferred Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing for my work. They installed a layer that served a purpose for waterproofing, which is important for my kids too. They also prevented tiling over tiles and did all the work from scratch. I am so much impressed with their work. They managed the whole tiling work very quickly and precisely." – Flora Z.

    industrial tiler builder worker installing floor tile at repair renovation work
    Commercial Projects

    "For my big commercial tiling project, I wanted a reliable tiller in town, so I decided to hire Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing. I cannot believe that the tiling process was achieved so efficiently! We have learned that in the past, they have tiled subway, but I can't believe the outcome. I finally hired them for tiling my house pool, and I had even finalized tiling the open kitchen of my house. The experienced tiller and waterproofing job is all you want for your next renovation job. I would strongly recommend their service to everyone out their" – William T.

    Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing Wall Floor tiling
    Bathroom Renovation

    "When I decided to renovate my bathroom, I believed that the silicone and silicone installations were a wise choice. But when I contacted Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing professionals, they gave me other bathroom tiling and floor tiling choices. As they are the renowned technicians of tiles in the town, I believed their recommendations and decided to do what they recommended. I knew that they were the best tiling option after detailed discussion. Afterwards, they always showed up to do the tile layer, install the tiles, and do the grouting on time during the project. They also did some waterproofing work. I was enthralled with their work! They were great, and the final result was all I had expected!”– Brian G.

    Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing wall Tiling

    Floor & Wall Tiling

    Norvic Tilling & Waterproofing offer full tiling solutions. For all indoor and outdoor tiling applications. Which also require efficient, professional installation. Services will also include but are not limited to tiling repairs, pool tiling. Waterproofing, defects, bathrooms, grout renewals. Also epoxy grout & maintenance tiling for commercial and domestic.

    The bathroom is never fully renovated without floors and wall tiling. The wall and floor tiling of your bathroom help determine its look as a whole. It ought to be vibrant and attractive. For a renovation project at Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing, we have the highest standards of floor and wall tiling facilities.

    There is a vast range of tiles available in the market. For clients, choosing the right design, style, and colour scheme are often tricky. In this field, we have a great deal of experience. You can choose the best tiles according to your budget and technical requirements. Over the years, our crew has headed and installed all forms of flooring and wall tiling. We make sure that you will get the best possible floor and wall tiling experience by choosing our firm over our competitors. Here, your tiling standards can be easily accomplished.

    Floor & Wall Tiles

    Everyone believes the tile to be a square or rectangular shaped, a refined component used to conceal different surface areas. In this era, tiles are the primary component of any infrastructure. It is used in both the houses' indoor and outdoor finishes. Tiles are a fundamental way of making the structures classy and sleek. There are many distinctive raw materials, such as organic and inorganic materials and recyclable materials, from which tiles are made. It includes tiles made of stone, ceramic tiles, steel tiles, and tiles made of glass.

    Bathroom wall and floor tiling job done with black marble finish wall tiles

    Tiles now come with a wide range of shades, patterns, and sizes. Tiles are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms, but it is very versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, such as countertops, backsplashes and wall coverings for decoration. Porcelain and ceramic are the most popular types of tile. For kitchens, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, and other areas prone to moisture, both ceramic and porcelain tiles are an excellent option. We can provide you with the best quality tiling service as we have over 30 years of the wall and floor tiling experience.

    Our experienced professionals have done all kinds of commercial and residential work. It is either your basic Splashback Kitchen or Renovating Bathroom we have done it all. The most remarkable thing for us is that we have even tiled more significant club renovations and motels. We are eligible, skilled, and certified to do whatever job you have. Call on 0417554219 right now.

    Also delivering our services to all places around Echuca and Moama such as Cohuna, Kerang, Barham, Bendigo, Shepparton, and in between.

    Stone Tiling

    Stone tiling is well-known for its exclusive and desirable residential and commercial appearance. When it is used in a house or any property, its aesthetic appearance and financial value are increased. It is eco-friendly. Often because of its robustness Stone Tiling is desired much more than any other tile. It is a substantial component and can last for years. The interior and exterior decor of the house has been used for stone tiling.

    Are you searching for a stone tiling service provider in town? Search no more as we are here for you to help you with your needs. We guarantee that Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing will make your stone tiling experience pleasant and pain-free. Our specialist team has been providing top-class and high-quality stone tiling services to the people for many years.

    Stone tiles we used on our exterior wall tiling job

    Natural Stone

    In this field, we have shown and proved many times that we are consistent and expert for all of our clients.

    The distinctive physique of the stone tile presents multiple advantages. We all know the sturdiness of natural stone. It can survive a longer duration in the environment. Organic stone tiles are smudge-resistant and resistant to corrosion. If you have ever seen a bathroom with stone tiles, you will know it looks exclusive, classy, and fabulous. One of the main advantages of stone tile has is the variety of options you can find.

    We ensure that you will have the most beautiful stone tiling work by our professional installer and will surely raise the value of your home. So hire us and get your job done today. We will help out with all your Stone Tiling requirements and would not disappoint you anyway. Trust us and call us now!

    Contact Us Today

    Norvic Tiling & Waterproofing is a final stop for all your bathroom renovations jobs in town. We are the world's leading bathroom renovator. For over two decades, Norvic Tiling has been able to meet our customers' needs confidently and effectively. Our main aim is to impress and delight you with our bathroom renovation work.

    We strive for top-quality and inexpensive services. Our team make sure that under our roof you get the best bathroom renovation facilities. We would help you with your refurbishment demands and needs. Here we are willing and able to help you with your bathroom renovation demands every second of the day. We have expert customer service that is always able to take care of your inquiries genuinely.

    If you would like more specifics about your project for bathroom renovation, our customer representative will forward your call to our skilled consultants. If you also want to have a more thorough knowledge of the job method, we would be more than happy to hold a consultative meeting with our professionals.

    Our specialists will assess your specifications and property before starting the work and will aid you with the relevant figures that match your expenditure. Call us today to receive answers to all your questions. Free advisory services or a no-obligation consultation are also available at our firm for your help. So, call us right now and learn about our desirable bathroom refurbishment services effectively and efficiently.